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A is for alcohol - our drug of choice.

B is for beer, yes beer, it's what's for dinner (sometimes lunch and breakfast too).

C is for can - 6 pack. 12 pack, 24 pack, 30 pack, 40 oz.... so many choices!

D is for drinking - that's what we like to do.

E is for emergency (Definition: an emergency is when you're all out of alcohol).

F is for friends (beats drinking alone and maybe you can get them to pick up the tab).

G is for games, preferably anything involving cards, quarters, and chugging beers.

H is for hang over - every good time has it's price.

I is for ice, "I'll take that on the rocks please".

J is for jail which is where you might end up after trying to use a fake ID, try driving a car when you can't even see, or are found on the street staggering home at 4 am.

K is for keg!

L is for liquor - many many to choose from.

M is for money you no longer have due to extensive partying.

N is for NOT AGAIN! (What you scream when you wake up besides someone you don't know).

O is for opinion (ever met a drunk without one?) also it's for a common phrase "OH SH*T!" which you scream as you fall down the stairs.

P is for pee (what you have to do about every 5-10 minutes while drinking).

Q is for quarters - a great drinking game, it's also for the quilt that you puked on last night and have to clean in the morning.

R is for reform, which you promise god that you'll do as you find yourself hugging the toilet bowl.

S is for sex - after a few drinks people start looking a lot better than they really are, so be careful..

T is for twenty-four, 24 beers in a case, 24 hours in a day... coincidence?? I think not.

U is for underage (A good percentage of the drinking population).

V is for vodka - the mother of all alcohol and the best way to make Jello.


W is for worm, the par of tequila that reminds you of the porcelain god.

X is for x-ray, in detox it's how they see into your stomach before they pump it.

Y is for you, the one who drinks way too much.

Z is for Zima - something different.

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