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Are You A Grinch?

Do you reuse last year's Christmas cards and send them out under your own name? (5 points)

Do you steal light bulbs from you neighbor's outdoor display to replenish your own supply? (5 points, 10 if neighbor's whole light sets or lighted Santa goes out)

Have you dressed a dog or cat as Santa Claus, elf helper, or reindeer? (10 points for each; if you dressed an endangered species, 5 extra points)

Do you put out last year's stale candy canes for children? (1 point for each piece of sticky candy)

Do you enclose a shoddy and inferior gift from the local discount store in a Bloomingdale's or other prestige box to impress your friends? (5 points for each infraction)

Do you make collect long distance phone calls to your family on Christmas day? (5 points) 10 if from a cell phone, claiming you are stuck in a phone booth.

At the office Christmas party, do you horde huge stockpiles of goodies for later consumption at home? (5 points; 15 points if you use this stuff for your own party)

After an invitation to a friend's house, do you bring a commercially produced fruitcake and try to pass it off as home made? (5 points; 15 points if the fruitcake is from last year).

Any stealing from the Toys-for-Tots collection bins is a definite no-no. (20 points)

Evaluate your score on the "Grinch Scale" from 20 to 100.

20-30: Where's your holiday spirit?!

30-50: You are an apprentice in Yuletide larceny and are probably wanted by the police for overdue parking tickets.

50-100: Grinch, move over. The master of Christmas crime has arrived!


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