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20. Beauty Secrets - by Janet Reno

19. Home Built Airplanes - by John Denver

18. How To Win The Superbowl - by Dan Marino

17. Things I Love About Bill - by Hillary Clinton

16. My Life's Memories - by Ronald Reagan

15. Things I Can't Afford - by Bill Gates

14. Things I Would Not Do For Money - by Dennis Rodman

13. The Wild Years - by Al Gore

12. Amelia Earhart's Guide To The Pacific Ocean

11. America's Most Popular Lawyers

10. Detroit - A Travel Guide

9. Dr. Kevorkian's Collection Of Motivational Speeches

8. Everything Men Know About Women

7. Everything Women Know About Men

6. All The Men I've Loved Before - by Ellen DeGeneres

5. Mike Tyson's Guide To Dating Etiquette

4. Spotted Owl Recipes - by the Sierra Club

3. The Amish Phone Directory

2. My Plan To Find The Real Killers - by O. J. Simpson

1. My Book Of Morals - by Bill Clinton

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